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let's talk about unapologetic confidence
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I thought I was destined for a life of pain and suffering but I was wrong. Everything I've done over the past few years to pull myself out of a fear and trauma-based mindset has taught me two things:

-I am not beyond help.

-I must pass on everything I've learned.

I'd be honored to show you how I broke the cycle and released the stigma attached to my former life.

Your trauma and pain do not make you so damaged that you are broken. You have not been singled out by the universe. Your pain doesn't exclude you from success or contentment.

We, humans, are completely capable of receiving and giving love, both to ourselves and those around us whom we choose to cherish. Your pain only holds you back if you allow it to. I've found a way out and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can too. It takes work and TRUE self-awareness but I promise you, it's possible.

What makes you special is your human ability to rise above everything you ever thought was holding you back.

THAT is special.

THAT is freedom.

THAT is confidence.

I do this soul work for our children because they deserve the very best version of me.

I do this soul work for my partner because he keeps his promise to love me fully each and every day.

I do this soul work for all the women out there who have been told to make themselves small.

I do this for myself because I am meant to be happy.

And you can do it too. I promise.


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